Pretty Little Liars in Pretty Little Liars

I was just thinking and the fact that Ezra’s book said that Aria was in Iceland for three years really stuck out to me. I know some people think that he was saying that so it would be legal when they dated but I really think that it’s more that just that.

Then I remembered why that seemed so familiar to me. Aria actually was gone for three years in the books and the show changed it to one.

Therefore, what if Ezra’s book(s) are going to be the real PLL books by Sara. I dunno and I probably isn’t but I just think it would be kinda cool.


Anyone else think Aria is pregnant?
I mean, that would be a great twist and in the books I think Emily gets pregnant, but what if the writers changed it to Aria?

I thought this too! They also keep making references to how she slept with Ezra a lot. They could have had her say “but I was the only one who loved him” but no, they had to do “but I was the only one who SLEPT with him.” It just seemed a little weird to me…..

Throwback Saturday Lol remember when I made edits and I thought they were so good and so emotional wow

I really don’t think that Tyler will be back on PLL. Don’tget me wrong, I love Caleb so much and I’m going to miss him so much but it just wouldn’t make sense. At this point they still haven’t broken the curse and they cannot just pretend it didn’t happen. Also, PLL is running it’s course and season 5 will most likely be it’s last. They’ve probably got most of of 5A written or planned so if Tyler came back it would only be for a few episodes which wouldn’t make any sense.

If this happens than I guess the people who are celebrating right now will be a little disappointed….

I don’t get why people are saying that Miranda had a happy ending on Ravenswood! She thought original Caleb was modern Caleb and that’s why she was happy he said that he missed her and acted like they were in live. And he thought that she was original Miranda. They are both currently (and I guess forever) in a misunderstanding and living a lie….

During the black and white episode which was really just Spencer’s subconscious, what caught my attention was she kept repeating “I just want to sleep.” It even got to the point where it was almost like a trance. Also, there was that scene where Mona called about Hanna, Spencer was lying in bed and trying to sleep, but it wasn’t working.

I think this means that it has gotten to the point where Spencer no longer wants to take the pills and stay up all night finding A. It’s starting to torture her. But I believe that she is now 100% addicted and couldn’t stop if she tried.

This fact is going make the next few episodes, where everyone finds out she has been taking drugs, a little more interesting….

Just a mini-theory

I’m not really sure Aria is on the A-team or at least I don’t think that she’s working with Ezra. Actually, I would love it if she was but things just don’t add up. I mean, if they were both A or evil together, why would Ezra make up that lie about the chickpeas to get her out of the house so he could go in the layer. And please don’t say that it was to get her to take pictures in Rosewood. Please, they were all alone so they you lent need to pretend like that. He could just tell her to go or she could say “Hey gonna go out and so some stalking” or something similar. I’m pretty sure that Aria’s innocent in all this, or at least she’s not Ezra’s accomplice.


I don’t understand why people think that if Ravenswood gets cancelled that they’ll just get PLL!Caleb back and it will be like the show never happened. Because if the writers want to be realistic, Caleb would never be like he used to because his character has bee through some horrible and traumatic events since the PLL Halloween episode. He even died for a while! I just think that it will never be like Ravenswood never existed no matter what and I don’t see a problem with that. I love Ravenswood and and hope so badly that it isn’t cancelled and I love PLL!Caleb and Ravenswood!Caleb.

I also think that it’s kinda mean of people to openly hate on Ravenswood, beg for it to be cancelled and get mad at people who like it and Ciranda. I love PLL and I love Ravenswood and it makes me really uncomfortable and upset when people hate on either of them. Even one of my best friends laughs at me because I told her I like Ravenswood. I get that you have your opinion and you are all totally entitled to having it and sharing it, I just don’t think you you’ll insult it on the Ravenswood tag or when you know someone who like it will see it. There’s really no point, we’re not going to change our minds just because you don’t like it. Also, try to imagine it was someone brutally insulting PLL and your favourite ships and begging for it to be cancelled. It would hurt, wouldn’t it?

Sorry for this long rant, I was just going through the Ravenswood tag and I saw all this hate and people hoping for it to get cancelled and I just got really upset. I think I’ve actually been holding onto this rant for a whole now.